ShopNCook Menu - Meal Planning Software 3.4.3

Updated on May 1, 2012
Make the Internet your cookbook and eliminate boredom from your diet. Easily add recipes with a single drag & drop, plan your meals, create shopping lists with a click, get nutritional analyses, even share recipes online!
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  • OS: Windows - 2.92MB
  • Licence: Shareware, $49.95
  • Date Added: December 11, 2007
  • Release status: New Release
ShopNCook Menu - Meal Planning Software 3.4.3

ShopNCook Menu - Meal Planning Software 3.4.3 Description:

“Easily add recipes, plan meals, one-click grocery lists, nutrition and more.”

100% CLEAN Certified by You love to just don't like all the administrative hassle that's involved! Editing and formatting the recipes you download...matching your menus to your grocery lists...and then figuring out how your favorite entree stacks up against your diet! Sometimes you think you need a full-time organizer just to keep track of ShopNCook Menu - Meal Planning Software all.

Well, congratulations - you've found your organizer! Shop'NCook Menu is your kitchen manager in a box - ready to handle all the administrivia so that you can get back to creating culinary magic!

With Shop'NCook Menu, the Internet is your cookbook. Grow your personal recipe collection by typing, pasting or dragging & dropping whole recipes directly from the tedious editing or formatting. Plan your meals by dropping recipes on the calendar for as many menus per day and as many days in advance as you want. You start with a built-in, customizable ingredient database offering 2000 grocery items with nutritional data for more than 40 nutrients. You can add new ingredients and categories for your family's dietary needs or restrictions, and organize them according to your supermarket aisles. The Shop'NCook wizard automatically interprets your recipes, adds the ingredients of your meal plans to your grocery list with a single click, and gives you an accurate nutritional analysis seamlessly.

Best of all, Shop'NCook can travel with you. You can organize your favorite recipes in cookbooks and share them with your friends using the free Reader software. Export your recipes and shopping lists in HTML or SplashShopper formats to your PDA, send them to friends by email, or share them with other users in an online database.

Forget the frustration of organizing - cooking is fun again!.

Change info: Addition of a meal planner and menu library. Supports drag & drop of recipe texts and photos. Several new features in the recipe editor to improve the usability.

System requirements: Java

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